Monday, 6 January 2014

The first of 2014

The first week of 2014 seems to have disappeared somewhere. That, or I have disappeared somewhere. Either way, something mysterious has happened and time or myself has once more done what it does best and disappeared into the void of the great unknown. I have just had a phone conversation with my good friend Anna, which was lovely to say the very least. Just the time to be able to spend sitting and catching up with a good friend on the phone is not something to be taken for granted. I have a suspicious (and very justifiable) feeling that time is about to speed up a hell of a lot more. I go back to University tomorrow and I start back at work fairly soon too. This means that the luxury of waking up in daylight is soon to be a distant memory, and my dear old car will be put to the test once more with his daily trip to and from York. I do not complain; I am so incredibly fortunate to be filling my life with the things that I love and the things that are meaningful and purposeful. I am even more fortunate that I know this is just the beginning. But with that I am also acutely aware that I do not wish to close doors on the aspects of my life that are of equal value to me too. I hope this year brings with it a sense of balance and adventure. I hope that my life doesn't stop changing... I am not made to settle. I shall try to find my balance of carpe-ing the diem and planning my life. The two don't instantaneously seem compatible, but I am certain that there is a balance to be found,

The year started by welcoming it in with Bryony and Moor - a wonderful combination of people. We laughed and watched movies and consumed a little wine. It was really quite lovely to do not very much at all. We also wrote our annual list of our plans regarding how to tackle the year ahead with great energy. I am not one for new years resolutions, but I am a fan of re-evaluating my outlook on life and giving myself space and time to connect with what's important.

Much of this week has been spent focusing on my health and family and friends. I have appreciated to great lengths the time during the day to go running and explore new running routes near to my home. I have also embraced the time to bake and read and watch some good TV, whilst also staying mindful that I have a substantial pile of Uni work and 'work' work on my shelf and next to my bed, and still hidden away in my bag. Out of sight out of mind? 

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