Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back into full swing and a happy birthday

A timely blog update. Of course I have reverted for one solitary night only back to my not so favourable 1am blogging ways. A good friend of mine and I have been discussing how resuming busy days and late nights and a life full of simply living life is far more preferable than spending days (I am discussing 'time off' here) doing nothing more than waiting for the next one, in which we would spend waiting for the next. There is a lot of merit to be given to experiencing a fully appreciated day/weekend off, but for the most part, there is much more fulfillment (for me) in knowing that my day has been for something other than predominantly myself.

This weekend has been an exception in that it has been Frankie's 20th birthday, much to her horror in allowing herself to entertain the thought of waving goodbye to her life as a teenager. I did assure her that the 20's are nothing to be feared. In fact, mine so far have been quite wonderful. I have also revisited a lovely part of my past and went to see the Pantomime in Harrogate. It has been a while now, but it was a very very wonderful surprise to see some friendly faces and to spend some time catching up on the past few years. Not to mention that there is no better way to lighten up a day than watching a Pantomime!

Now life is back into full swing and I am picking up shifts, attending uni, getting stuck into client work and research, it seems that I am also back into my late nights awake cushioned on my floor (of all places..) with cups of tea and psychology lesson plans. Unfortunately this also includes revisiting things that are not of particular interest to me either. It seems that I have a brain that only retains information that truly interests me. The rest slips through my somewhat selective processing. This evening my mind has ended up on numerous occasions writing 'phenomenological' rather than 'phonologically'. In no other context would my brain confuse meaning with sound, but after the sheer amount that has been processed in Uni today I am surprised that I am still awake and writing.

Today has been one of those days where a lot of information has been processed and churned around inside.  Not just academic information, I mean personal and general too. The general kind of information that just strikes a chord and stays inside for a while longer whether it is invited or not. Questions of choice and entitlement. And questions that concern the very being of who we are. I am actually thankful today that I have some wonderful people around to learn from.

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