Monday, 20 January 2014

Frost and ice and disagreements

There are some days that are so very rich in learning. Today, it seems, was one of those days.

It started with a rather comic scenario. Imagine waking up to nothing but ice and fog and coldness... That was what I was greeted with this morning. Which is absolutely great - it is winter and we live in the UK; this is what winter should be. However, after showering and getting ready and drinking my coffee, I assumed that by 9am the sun might have assisted the ice in melting from my car a little. No such luck - my car was well and truly frosted over. This would have been fine if I'd have had a drop of de-icer left. It also would have been manageable if the car wasn't so frozen that even the doors would not open. It must have looked brilliant  because the only reasonable response was to take action. I chose to climb in through the boot to open the doors from the inside, and then wait patiently whilst the car de-iced itself enough for me to drive. Yes, this morning I entered my car via the boot. If you have seen my old 1999 blue corsa, and my big dark coat with a fur lined collar, this makes for a rather humorous moment.

No two days feel or look the same to me, but this one was particularly out of the ordinary. I had supervision, followed by a meeting, followed by another supervision session. My learning has been in all of those situations - all of them rich in equal measure. Somebody gave me a very useful reminder, in that disagreeing with somebody from an informed perspective is never a bad thing. In fact, often it is the opposite; it provides a platform from which we can build on. What is life, and what makes us who we are if we simply exist in agreement to everything we absorb? We are human beings; we have much much more substance than we often realise.

I do wonder though, at what point does one accept their inexperience and take knowledge from one with a greater understanding than them, regardless of whether that sits well with the spirit of who they are?

On another note, I do hope that tomorrow mornings drive is not as rushed as the drive this morning.. The fog was so spectacularly beautiful across the landscape but I was in such a rush that it would not have been sensible for me to stop and photograph the views. 

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