Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tuesdays - fuelled with coffee and wine

Following my post on Monday evening when I declared a wish that I had stopped to take a quick photograph of the foggy and frosty sunrise, I attempted to do just that on my drive yesterday morning. It was not possible to catch the sunrise, but I did manage to catch the view at about 8.30am as I was approaching York.

Yesterday was Tuesday (AKA University day). A long day of lectures on existential psychotherapy and philosophy, (which I truly do enjoy...) and groups fuelled with Perky Peacock coffee at various appropriate points throughout the day. Yesterday evening we decided that the only reasonable way to end our day would be by heading into town for a glass (or two) of wine and laughing the day/night away.

Today is a day for working, organising emails, running (hopefully another 10k) and tutoring this evening... Oh, and drinking suitable amounts of coffee. I should also make a point of sitting down to eat some good food at some point. It seems that lately most of my eating is done on the move - usually whilst driving my car or walking from one place of work to another.

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