Monday, 6 January 2014

January baking

I have realised I am quite a cliche; I bake and I feed others and it is most likely a wonderfully effective distraction technique. Either that or my inner foodie is given a platform every holiday. Let's face it.. my family and friends and occasionally my boyfriend get to eat my goodies but I rarely bake them entirely for my own consumption. I have made a lot of banana and date loaves this week, along with Christmas cookies, and my newly created concoction of cashew cookies today. I did, however, decide to bake some home made granola. This is a food I enjoy and don't feel guilty about eating. I won't attempt to go into any sociological or psychological context when I mention 'guilt' and 'eating' in the same sentence, but I shall post a picture of the delicious batch of raisin and cranberry granola I created this afternoon.

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