Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Toxic masses, work, and running

It is midnight - it is safe to say that I got through Monday. It really has not been a bad Monday at all. It has been quite the opposite - I am just ready to catch some sleep now, but it is always the case that at this time in the evening, the body is exhausted but the mind can function at triple the speed it ever has the capacity to during the waking hours of the day. Ironic if you knew how much caffeine I foolishly attempt to fuel my body and mind with during the day.

I have a few conclusions of today. The first being that when a student/client does not show, it is not always a negative thing. In fact, it is best not to over-think it at all. I got more work done this morning between the hours of 9-11am than I managed to summon up the focus to do over the entire weekend. This was purely due to one of my students not turning up. And perhaps I was feeling significantly more motivated because I spent the most part of yesterday re-charging my battery.

The second conclusion is that a good rant is sometimes what is needed. It is not surprising that it is refreshing and very validating to be able to speak freely about the things that really matter to you, without fear of judgement or disapproval. A lot of the time, it is assumed that it is 'not OK' to have an opinion or to act on integrity in an instance where the position of power would not cast their judgement favorably on your side. I see though, that some environments are too toxic and fast-paced to just slow down and focus on values such as the ones I mentioned. But on the other hand, despite some worlds being a very toxic world to inhabit, there are still some quite wonderful individuals in amongst the masses.

The final thought of today is that it is OK not to run. Going out running is wonderful but if there is an evening (or day) that it does not feel right then that's simply it - it does not feel right. It is not lazy or shameful. It just simply is. I did contemplate the run for a significant length of time, then I realised that in the grand scheme of life, it really does not matter at all. The world did not end, and I am still very much alive.

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