Saturday, 15 January 2011

Backstage snap

This is moi in hair and make up for a shoot yesterday with Manchester photographer Sopie Kutay. Was a lovely and chilled girly day. 

I still need to write a good update from last week but I am rather tired. I'm eating the most delicious organic tomato, lentil, and vegetable soup as I type. I wish I had more energy from somewhere. Please do let me know if you figure out where this magical energy is created? You know that phrase, 'too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep'..? Well that could describe me right now. Even though I am physically exhausted, I cannot really sleep very well. I probably will do tonight, with the help of this soup. Nomnom. I am so lame I shall probably still be hungry when I've finished this entire bowl.

I feel like such a let down today. I had plans to stay with Anna tonight and go out with her and her housemates for one of their birthdays. I miss Anna so much and was really looking forward to it until I woke up early this morning feeling like utter shit because I'm so drained of alertness and energy. Just about made it through my session with the boy I mentor without yawning away in his face!

I think I shall retire to my bedroom and catch up on the first episode of Glee that I missed last week. I will most likely fall asleep though.

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  1. Darling don't worry about coming out, you didn't let me down at all. We'll make up for anything on Friday! xxxx