Thursday, 27 January 2011

Castings and coffee.

Stayed at lovely Anna's house last night. We did the usual - eat veggies, drink lots of tea, talk about the things only crazies discuss, and stay up rather late for apparently no reason at all. She put up with me being a professional bed-hogger. And I listened to her sleep-singing her own melodies throughout the night. Standard.

I then drove back home and power-drove at high speed down the motorways to Manchester for a TV commercial casting. I really don't know how it went but seemed okay, I suppose. As far as castings go. It's 99% sure that the client has booked me for the Harvey Nichols show, so that will be fabulous. I had a coffee and tea this morning, followed by coffee in the car, coffee before and after the casting, and now I am sufficiently full. I have a shoot tomorrow with a photographer who's work looks just effortlessly beautiful. I should really get some beauty sleep to ensure I do a good enough job for them. And to make sure I actually wake up on time. That is always a good thing. Breakfast tomorrow? Or work my way through the day on what will most likely be next to nothing? Je ne sais pas. I shall see how I feel when the morning arrives.

The Next Cottonista campaign is released this week, which is rather exciting because we are taking up a rather large section of the website and stores. Totally crazy, really, when I think about it! Also the magazine in which we shot various beautifully expensive pieces of jewellery is out this month too. This includes some Alexander McQueen, Theo Fennell, and YSL jewellery. I shall post pics as and when I manage to see them.

Setting my alarm..

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  1. hahaha you certainly are a professional bed hogger! But my bed likes it, and it misses you :(
    p.p.s. I LAVS YOU.