Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tuesday morning.

It is currently 8.50am on Tuesday morning. I am awake and ready to start the day. Before I do anything however, I am going to get dressed and go outside to clean my rather dirty car. It's terrible. My overly obsessive need to have things nice, clean, and 'just-so' means that I am very uncomfortable at the thought of dirt and birdy poop laying messily and needlessly on my car. So, action will be taken and I am going to clean it.

I actually enjoy cleaning it. (Weird!)

I have a few things to do. Lists, lists, lists. Lists are my life these days. Then heading over to York to see the lovely Anna. 

This is a rather pointless blog actually. I don't really know why I'm writing it. I wanted to be working a lot until I go back to uni but I only had one casting yesterday for a Harvey Nichols show and I don't know how it went really. Suppose I shall wait and see. You never know what's coming up in this job

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