Monday, 31 January 2011

Last morning of January

This month has totally flown by. Goodbye to a rather cold and frosty January 2011. 
I've been awake for hours already this morning attempting a 'lie in'. I have to leave at 10.30am - a perfect opportunity to make the most of a much needed extra few hours sleep. 
Not a chance though. Should have known. I may just casually get up now, and eat a bowl of porridge although I really shouldn't before shooting today. Oh, decisions. 
I am completely lost for words this morning. Lost in my confused train of thoughts, so I honestly do not know why I'm writing this blog. I can't seem to string a sentence together. Perhaps I need a coffee? Oh my days. That's it. Sweetened Vanilla coffee. One for now, and one for the drive.
Actually, I will get ready now, and then leave early and stop off in town on the way. I need to purchase a few things. I have a pile of uni work from last semester all sitting in folders, so I've decided to organise them all and put everything in boxes so the folders are ready to be re-filled for this semester. Which starts tomorrow, by the way. Totally not ready in the slightest to go back. 6 weeks off and I feel like I need a break. Where's the logic in that thought!

Okay - I am going to make that coffee. No, cup of tea now and coffee for the car. Then wrap up incredibly warm and cosy and hope for a brilliant day. I am sure it will be a good one.

I want to go back to sleep already

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