Friday, 25 March 2011

Good habits

This was my lunch time snack today. As I said, keeping up the fruit and nut intake.. Of course with a lovely cup of tea with soy milk in my Cath Kidston mug..
My book of the moment is 'The fates will find their way' by Hannah Pittard. I am currently half way through it. It's an easy read but also a very good one. It may be partly down to procrastination from writing essays on transactional analysis, but it is definitely an acceptable distraction.

'Perspective suddenly existed where it hadn't existed before. This was just the beginning of our lives - our lives. Things that we were responsible for, things that we could control. It seemed all at once too big and too simple an idea.'

The beginning of new life, perspective, possibilities, responsibility, control... The unknown areas of life are terribly frightening but ironically liberating at the same time. It just depends which frame of mind you choose to live in.


  1. And I am loving the frame of mind you are finding {{{hugs}}}
    Loves you xxxxx

  2. So here I am drinking my tea also out of cath kidston mug thinking about how much you are amazing and lovely. and I miss you. We must plan for you to come to Lough in a few weeks. xxx