Friday, 18 March 2011

Spring is here

I do believe Spring has arrived. It is gloriously sunny outside. Just a few faint white clouds in the sky, and the remainder is warm and blue. It never fails to amaze me how a change in weather can have such an impact on ones mood. I'm looking outside my opened bedroom window and I can't wait to venture outside and begin the day. Currently I am typing while sitting with a facial exfoliating mask on, about to take a shower and eat my breakfast consisting of melon, pear, and almonds. Delicious. Not forgetting rasberry and vanilla tea with a dash of sweetener.

Plan for the day:
Enjoy my breakfast and spend a couple of hours planning my essay and begin to write a draft. That way, I will feel much better knowing I have made a start. Email my lovely Grandpa to enquire about his collection of psychologists books and transactional analysis. Then I shall drive over to York, relax with Anna and then we will head to the theatre this evening and enjoy a girls evening before she goes back home for Easter tomorrow.

I love the warmness of the sun.

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