Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Mid March

This year so far is flying by, faster than ever before. It is already mid-March. However, I could have been fooled when I tuned into this week's episode of Glee to discover it was a 'Christmas special' ... It is well known that Glee is very much my guilty pleasure (but not so much 'guilty' because I feel no guilt!). But I was ever so concerned that E4 deemed it appropriate to air a Christmas themed programme just as Spring is beginning. Anyway, I still loved it nevertheless.

This week began just fabulously, with an editorial photo shoot at the stunning location of Tatton Park just outside of Manchester. I felt like the royal 'Lady of the manor' all day, dressed in beautiful elegantly styled clothes quite reminiscent of My Fair Lady/Atonement. I was working with a team of really lovely people, which of course makes the job much more enjoyable!

Just a couple of shots from behind the scenes..

I am pretty upbeat today. Quite a few things that I must tick off on my 'to-do list' including renewing my tax disk for my car, updating my uni work, sending a few emails, and calling my agency. But there's no need to rush. Tea to be consumed, books to be read.. Life is good today. Apart from the very grey and misty fog outside my bedroom window, but we shall pretend that it's blue sky instead. I have a vanilla scented candle burning, a hot mug of white tea and rasberry, and a new book to begin reading. Hello relaxation.

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