Tuesday, 7 December 2010

And so it continues.

Today was child safeguarding training in Leeds for my new work with Barnardo's. Really excited to get started with it actually. It'll be hard work but definitely worth it. Plus it was very nice to have a vaguely relaxing day.

Oh I can't focus! Bryony (my wonderful little sister) is singing a perfectly out of tune rendition of 'Smelly Cat' - the song we all know sung by Phoebe from Friends. She's an odd little one but she gets away with it and I love her even more for it. Beautifully strange little child! She gets it from my mother.

Well, tomorrow I'm shooting back in Manchester and I'm just debating whether to drive or take the train. It's right in the city centre and it's not a crazy early start so I think I'll take my Carl Rogers book and sit on the train with a good coffee and read on the journey. That sounds lovely to me. Decision made.
PS - the lovely mother of mine is on my back to eat protein. La de da... 'You haven't eaten that quorn...' 
Yes mother, I know.
I like quorn. But... Don't quite fancy it tonight :)

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