Saturday, 25 December 2010

Glass of rose on Christmas Eve.

Work today was a drag.
Drinks this evening were fabulous. Lovely company and great wine :)
It lifted my spirits a lot, but I returned home to find something that made me feel incredibly sad and helpless. My little brother (I say little.. he is 18 and very much bigger than I am). Well, he had been patiently waiting until 2am for my father to visit. I knew Dad wouldn't show. I absolutely knew that without a doubt in my mind. But nothing I could have said would have convinced him otherwise.

Wonderful. It's incredibly difficult not to feel such an ugly bitterness but I refuse to let him have that power. Ironically, even thinking that makes me feel like a terrible person.

Christmas is for enjoying. Christmas = Love and family. 
And that's what it shall be

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