Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas cappuccinos

Yes, that's right.. Even my coffee this afternoon reminded me that it is indeed approaching Christmas day very quickly!

Roasted hazelnut soy cappuccino :) Definitely what the doctor ordered.

I managed to fight the British weather to make my way to uni today. Not many of us were actually there though, including the absence of our tutor. Pretty much predicted that would happen, but me being dedicated, decided to go anyways. (Didn't want to let anyone down.) Turns out it was actually a rather nice day. Small group, lots of tea/coffee and gossip. Along with a bit of input from one of the other tutors which acted as a lovely bit of helpful motivation. The past couple of hours have been spent Harvard referencing my humanistic essay. 2003 words - done and dusted. Carl Rogers books, read and enjoyed. Who knows if it's good enough.. Wait and see I suppose. I am incredibly skilled at putting myself down.

Snow update: Still beautiful and snowy!

I am dressing myself in more layers day by day. It gets colder and colder and there seems to be a never-ending supply of snow somewhere up there! My mother texted me while I was walking home from the train station earlier this evening, asking if I'd like her to walk to the station to meet me and we could walk together back home, just so I wasn't alone. Just was a little reminder of how lucky and blessed I am to have such a wonderful and caring mum.  

Tomorrow should be a lovely day :)


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