Tuesday, 14 December 2010

'No chicken and no king prawns.'

'Salad without the grilled chicken and without the king prawns please.'
That was my dinner last night. It makes the waitress and everyone else look at me and not quite know how to react so they awkwardly laugh or quickly move onto the next person's order. I hate how all things celebratory and festive HAVE to be organised around food. Food. Food. Food.
On reflection, I should have just made an appearance after dinner and enjoyed the rest of the evening relatively stress-free. But I decided not to let this stupid thing get the better of me by going for the meal, despite knowing how difficult it would be.

I always hope and pray that no one will really pay any attention to my strange habits and they will all focus on the drinks and the conversation. I think that's what they did - so it didn't feel too bad.

That's the lovely Zoe and I.  She is always so happy and full of life - quite nice to be around :)

Yesterday was a rather long day - uni in the morning was a bit of a drag. Then saw the absolutely wonderful Stef all afternoon for Starbucks and a good old catch up. She is such a beautiful person and I adore spending time with her. I really must make more time to see her because we go to the same uni and live SO close.

It's incredibly miserable outside today. My poor mother is off work feeling poorly and it's grey, cloudy, a little dark, and rather rainy this morning. Depressingly lovely, yes? I feel like I need something to do. I feel the need to be out of the house and doing something worthwhile and productive, but also I have a huge desire to curl up in my room and hide my existence from the world. Whatever I decide to do with the day, I must begin it with taking my dog out for a morning stroll..

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