Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Book.

The book is updated with pics from October (I think!) I can't wait to see more recent ones but that will be after new year. The book shall be on top form then. But for now, here's a few:

I am incredibly happy to have my book home with me. Currently I am sat in my room, listening to Radiohead and relaxing with my berry scented candles burning in the corner. I feel quite content this evening and if I do say so myself, I hope it stays this way. Well, content is a rather vague word actually. I say content because on the surface I am calm and collected, as if nothing can harm me because things are great, right?
Honestly I don't know the answer to that. I suppose I am okay today, but again.. Okay. What the hell is 'okay?'
I am absolutely numb to the world but I suppose that's better than feeling like shit.


  1. when you know what it means to be 'okay', please let me know. x

  2. I will let you know. I'll write about about it... 'what it means to be okay.' It'll be very philosophical