Thursday, 30 December 2010

The day becomes night.

And I have nothing better to say. 
Spaced out, dizzy and poorly. I'm out of ibuprofen and cocodamol and all kinds of medicine that are intended to make one feel better. I am even out of those small pills that I shouldn't take, so tomorrow will be spent adequately bloated.. I am very much not the signpost of health this evening. In fact I am quite appalled at how sick I look. Ha ha, not a sight any body would like to wake up beside in the morning, I can assure you of that.

Today's realisation is that there is still something strangely satisfying about having a pair of trousers become too loose around the hips. Hips hips hips. Any girls worst enemy, I am sure. However when your thinking pattern is as fucked up as my own, you begin to understand and question certain aspects of life and yourself with all self respect and love gone out of the window. I am aware I mentioned trousers becoming slightly too big, but what I mean is it's much deeper than a pair of bloody trousers and a hip measurement that may be a quarter of an inch smaller than last week. That doesn't really matter.

I am really not all here this evening, so I'm struggling to complete this blog.
I shall continue to drink my green tea with hot lemon and honey..

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