Saturday, 23 April 2011

Afternoon tea

Today has been the most wonderful day. My best friends are home this weekend, so we thought we must make the most of being able to spend time together since it is so rare that we are all together these days. Even though most of us have work to do and are rather stressed with other such things, we took this afternoon off, away from stress and worries, and took a leisurely walk through the gorgeous greenery of the Harrogate countryside to Bettys Tea Rooms for afternoon tea and scones. (I treated myself to green tea and even a scone aswell. And yes, it was worth every mouthful!) It was the most beautiful combination of people; Mark, Tasha, Moor, Kate, and moi. I love each and every one of them. Plenty of laughs, chats, love, and beautiful sun.

I currently have that lovely summers evening feeling. The one that feels satisfying - warm, glowing, and happy. Like nothing can break you, just for this moment in time. I wish these feelings would last a lifetime.


  1. Aww darling, so glad you are caring for you this way. I am ever so proud of you xxx