Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Just be

'The future would mean that there is something that is going to happen, a 'fate.' The minute you 'see' a future you would necessarily change it by reacting, so it wouldn't be the same future.
Can you work towards the future? It seems to me false to channel your life. You in reality work in any direction from zero degree, which is where you are now.
But 'now' doesn't exist. You are walking backward into a hurricane and can only tell which way to go by the debris that flies past you. Or you are blown about in this hurricane, judging only the past whether you look into the wind or with it. If you 'see it coming' you have already reduced it to a judgement of the past.

Best not to worry about direction at all. Just be. Direction is already there.'

Written by college student, Jim Fiddes.

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