Friday, 29 April 2011


Today I treated myself to a few new vintage goodies I spied in the York charity shops. I have the most beautiful lightly knitted smock detailed peach/pale pink top, a mustard coloured shirt, and a floral shirt too. I also took two monstrous sized piles of library books back to the libraries and handed in two of my interpersonal skills module assignments. (Just to get them completely off my hands and mind). It feels good to have them one hundred percent done.

Like I said.. two more to go. I am shooting tomorrow in Manchester, and staying with Anna tomorrow evening in York so there's not a chance that I'll be able to do any tomorrow. But I'll head home relatively early on Saturday and crack on with work again. I feel a whirlwind of a crazy time approaching. I've been booking train tickets this evening, to London and Birmingham for after the weekend.

And yes, I am choosing to not mention the royal wedding tomorrow. I may get weird reception from stating this opinion, but... I don't see why there's such a crazy 'let's put the country to a halt' way of dealing with a wedding.. Don't they want a beautifully private and romantic affair?..

Well, 1.23am and a shoot tomorrow. If I were sensible I would go to sleep..

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