Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Sunday

One down, and three more to go!
Yes, I submitted assignment one today. Eight days before the deadline, and keeping with my personal deadline of Tuesday. It feels good.
Today is Easter Sunday. To the majority of the population, this day either means church and quality family time, or a day-long binge on copious amounts of chocolate treats of the egg variety. However, for me - I actually woke up and it was only when I logged onto Facebook that I reminded myself that today is indeed Easter. I may not have even been aware if I hadn't seen status updates. That's either total obliviousness to the world around me, or just plain forgetfulness. Call it what you wish. Either way, I have not conformed to the expectations that society imposes on us, and I have not consumed chocolate or any other form of fattening 'treats'. I have never and will never understand the concept of celebrating over food until you feel sickeningly full and immobile.

Not to sound like the ultimate Easter scrooge...
Other than avoiding chocolate and the summer barbeque my family had this evening, I have had an enjoyable and productive day.
Take note of my absolutely beautiful dog, Lady. She was sunbathing next to me in the garden while I was referencing my essay.

Yes, the bowl of deliciousness was my breakfast of nuts, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds, strawberries and pink lady apple.
And the shorts are my first creation of denim cut-offs of this year. They fit perfectly and are so comfortable on. I may have ghostly white legs and freckly knees, but I don't care. They look great and save me from wearing my sisters size 10 denim shorts that actually fall right down to my feet if I don't wear a tight belt with them.


  1. This post started of so enlightening, with the pictures, the joy, the spring, the dog...
    And then, it all kind of went distorted and eating disordered.
    Which makes me sad.
    A size ten falling down, your little sisters cloths not fitting you, seeing having a BBQ and eating some chocolate as overindulgence and greed...
    When in fact, that is normality.
    I hate that your head feeds you such bull shit.
    That you cannot be with your family, enjoy great food at a BBQ and allow yourself chocolate (not a treat - but actually something I eat everyday without fail)
    I am just, I feel for you being in this place.
    Whilst you seem blissfully unaware of its distortions.
    And I hope I haven't rambled like an insensitive bitch.
    I just want you to be happy.
    But truly happy.


  2. I kind of agree with Sia. I thought it was lovely until ED-y things started popping up, I know you didn't even mention ED but it was speaking and it was the voice I was hearing-and not you. If that makes sense?
    Anyways, I will see you tomorrow and I CAN'T WAIT! Love you darling. xx