Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My current hat obsession

If anyone knows me well at all at this moment in time, they will undoubtedly have noticed my current obsession with hats. Trilbys and wide rimmed or the beautiful summers day 'floppy hat' style. I am in love with them so much that it's the only gift I've requested for my birthday next week.. I have my eye on a new hat. A compliment was given to me a good while ago when I turned up to a shoot wearing a trilby with a deep green vintage jacket. Something about a girl needing a 'certain kind of confidence' to pull off a hat for every day wear. And it was the nicest compliment that I could have received. Being referred to as 'confident' is a new and unheard of experience for me, so I really appreciated the compliment and held onto it. I think that has played a part in the birth of my love for hats this spring.
Anyway - slightly off the subject of this post!
I wanted to post a few shots of Rosie Tupper, photographed by Andreas Sjodin. It is a lovely and romantic collection for Elle Sweden, featuring some of the most beautiful hats I've set my eyes upon this year. More hat inspiration, and I love it!

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