Saturday, 23 April 2011

Inspiration to travel

I love England, I love being an English girl, I love my fair skin and freckles that accompany that, and I love living in a beautiful part of the country yet I still appreciate the madness and the rush of cities. It's not that I want to get away and escape the confusion of my mind and the people who 'stop' me from becoming who I wish to be. I've gone through that stage, and I'm still here. So don't get me wrong, I am content. But there is something in my heart with such a strong desire to see much more. I am lucky, I've visited Paris, London, New York, Istanbul.. and some beautiful summer locations, and I hold memories that I shall always remember. But there's more. I think even when I die, I won't have seen it all. It is strange because I am a 'home girl' - in the sense that I do miss home if I'm away for too long. I like my comforts, I like my own space, and I like the feeling of safety and security. So why do I want to travel and see the world so much?

Because the world is a beautiful place. I want to see the beauty with my own eyes and experience it with my heart. I feel like it's a part of 'me'. I need to break away from this safety in order for me to grow -  almost as though I won't be fully me until I have experienced all that is out there.

This string of thought came from a collection of photographs I came across. Beautiful images from Eric Guillemain of his travels from The Aries to The Hamptons.The collection forms an entire lookbook for J.Lindenberg which I find so peaceful and inspiring.

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  1. I know that yearning...
    And I am fortunate too, to have travelled and seen a lot of places.
    I switch between wanting to travel and wanting to stay still.
    I am a contradiction in that, I love the countryside where I live in now, and I adore the city buzz too.
    I think because I can be prone to 'mania' I have an issue with not being over stimulated. And that is the only thing that holds me back.
    Whereas here, in this house, in this beautiful English garden, I am at complete peace.
    There is something sublime in that, and something few countries have xxxx