Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I suppose I should really post something worthy of reading, other than pretty pictures and lovely words!
This week has been brilliant actually. It's not so wonderful and sunny any more, but I can still wear dresses and hats and feel happy.
Monday was a rather busy day spent in Manchester casting, getting some new Polaroids and making model videos to send over to abroad agencies to get some work for over summer (fingers crossed). I really would like to work away over summer. So much. Not because I dislike England or want to escape from everyone here, but because I want to LIVE my life. I mean go out, see the world and experience as much of it as I can while I am young. So, hopefully an overseas agency will like me and take me on their books for summer.

I also got confirmed for a Bench job next week. Extremely happy about this too :)
So that's what's going on in the life of me this week. Today I must settle down into reality and continue with my essay writing though. Otherwise I will never meet my deadline of my birthday to have all but one of the assignments finished.
Au revoir for now.


  1. If you work overseas over the Summer can I be your PA or something?! I wanna work out of england so badly!!! xxx

  2. Well done on Bench :) Good luck with going abroad that would be fab. I want to go to New York if I can afford it, for similar reasons living life and seeing the world. Would be great.. x