Thursday, 7 April 2011

Easter holiday

This is the start of my university Easter holiday, and I couldn't be more ready for three weeks off. Okay, not entirely 'off' because I do have a mountain of essays and assignments to write. But just not having to travel through to York a few times a week is going to be brilliant. I will only have two weeks back in lectures after Easter, then I shall be completely finished first year. Crazy! It really does feel odd to have almost completed the first year of my degree. I honestly feel like my life is on the right track, and it is such a lovely comforting feeling.

I have just caught up on last night's final episode of 'The Model Agency' and currently I am sat in my room, scented candles burning of course, drinking a cup of organic wild berry tea. It's so delicious and fruity. The caffeine ban is still going strong and it's becoming increasingly easier as time goes on. Even though I've been severely sleep deprived this week, I still haven't succumbed to temptation. Especially yesterday, 5.45am alarm and show fittings and shoots all day, visiting my beautiful friend Victoria, then back home to a 6am alarm wake up call this morning, to uni all day today, back home now and then another job tomorrow shooting for a bag design company. I am not complaining at all. In fact I think I have established now that I love my life when I am madly busy doing the work I love.

I am in a strangely brilliant mood tonight. Goodness knows why! I should really get some rest and re-energize myself so I'm on top form for my job tomorrow. Or another sensible option would be to do some research and start planning the essay which I am doing a fantastic job of avoiding. One for my module 'the social psychology of religion'. I am totally uninspired for a topic to even begin with. But tonight is clearly not the night to be debating about that!

Time for another cup of tea..

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